The Well-Curated Bar & Bar Cart Decor

November 16, 2018

Bar Cart Decor

Cocktail tray with garnish

Happy Friday! Is it five o’clock yet? My oh my but we love a good cocktail. In the spirit of instilling a bit of gracious living in your day-to-day, setting up your home bar or bar cart decor is a simple way to instantly up your style and your honey-I’m-home routine. It needn’t be too fancy, and we’d argue that keeping a balance between haute couture and haute Home Goods is the perfect way to ensure your new bar is at once welcoming and tasteful. 



Start with a lovely tray

Bar Cart DecorTrays are so versatile as you can place them just about anywhere, or invest in a bar cart or cabinet. Mix in a couple of decanters with your higher-end liquor bottles – we love many from Kate Spade and Rosanna which add a bit of whimsy without breaking the bank, a few cocktail napkins (paper is perfectly fine, but we love the idea of cloth napkins), a cocktail shaker, some fun stirrers (check these out from Emily McCarthy) and an ice bucket. Be sure to have glasses within easy reach that work well with the beverages you plan to serve, and have all necessary mixers on hand.

One of our favorite entertaining books, The Art of the Bar Cart, details any number of elegant and fun bar cart set ups and styles to suit any party. Consider accessorizing with a small bud vase of flowers, a couple of cute pineapple cocktail tumblers, decanter tags or a well-placed candle or two.

In fact, lit candles are a great way to signal to your guests or sweetheart that the bar is open, iced, and ready to welcome in a happy couple of hours. Cheers!