Headshot of Krystin Gill of K Bella Events & Styling
Meet Krystin Gill, Lead Event Designer & Wedding Planner

Well hello! I would love to collaborate with you on the style and design of your next event! Before we begin, let me share a bit of my background with you.

Born and raised in the South, I consider myself tremendously fortunate to have been instilled with a sense of gracious hospitality from the closest women in my life at a tender young age. After spending a number of years on the northern side of the Mason-Dixon line, I eventually planted a firm set of roots in Fairfax, Virginia – where I now live just outside of Washington DC with my wonderful husband, daughter, and son.

Drawing from these formative influences, I've learned to balance simple, gracious Southern hospitality with the modern sophistication of Washington DC culture – all with a hint of my uniquely personal style. Today, nothing gives me greater joy than the opportunity to add design inspiration to small weddings, events, and social gatherings. I’m genuinely uplifted by the thought of contributing to the enjoyment of close-knit celebrations – in small yet conspicuous ways.

A born planner, my love of organization and eye for detail is equaled only by my affinity for design and décor. I'm at my best when deliberating over details, obsessing over mood boards, or styling a seasonal mantle or tablescape. I love any excuse to throw a soirée. Please feel free to reach out to me, so we can start creating something lovely for your next event!

client love:


"When it comes to memorable fêtes, there are those that imagine, and those that implement – but rare are the gifted few that can do both. Krystin of K Bella Events has a natural flare for both envisioning and for orchestrating events that are elegant yet approachable, casual yet chic – whether on a large or more intimate scale. Her taste is impeccable and her execution flawless. If you want to host a beautiful gathering that people will remember long after its taken place, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Maria

Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you!
Elsie de Wolfe