K Bella Events Bride and Groom in Washington D.C.

K Bella Couples

Many of our couples appreciate the quiet charm of an intimate celebration at a vineyard or stately country estate. Others cannot wait to host 150 of their favorite people at a fashionable venue in the heart of the city. But beyond beautiful venues, our couples have the following in common: an appreciation of the arts and aesthetics, a deep sense of hospitality and caring for their guests, a desire to be kind and fair, and a mutual love and respect for one another and their families. Our couples love to travel, are eager for organic experiences and have a classic yet modern sense of style. K Bella Couples are the New Romantics.

We believe in love, order and beauty;

together, they create the art of celebration.

Our wedding planning process marries these core beliefs – first, we create order: detailing the journey for you, breaking down the decision-making into crisp, clear, concise steps. Then, we bring in the beauty: developing a design plan that echoes your style and aesthetic, cultivating a stellar vendor team to execute on the vision, and finally, telling your love story through artfully-curated details that create a unique sense of place that will long outlive your wedding day.

Artful & Authentic


Our approach to the planning, design, and event management of your wedding celebration is warm, gracious and bespoke. Every step is tailored to your personality, availability and needs. Our enthusiasm, expert advice and meticulous attention to detail offers our couples the chance to relax and fully enjoy the planning experience.

Allow us to take care of everything. We'll bring you in at key inflection points in the decision-making process & ensure you have access to the details that matter most.


Classic yet evocative, simply chic and sophisticated, our design derives inspiration from old-world architecture, luxury travel experiences, modern-day interior design, gracious hospitality and the elegance of by-gone eras.