The Rundown: Engagement Shoots

Whether you're twirling on the beach at sunset or strolling through the streets of Paris hand in hand, your engagement shoot is a chance to freeze those special moments in time. But before you step in front of the lens, read on as we share 10 tips to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Getting Comfortable with Your Photographer

Your engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer and how they work. From posing to capturing candid moments, building rapport now will make you feel more at ease come wedding day. The more comfortable you are, the more genuine moments your photographer can capture on your day with authenticity and grace.

Glam Goals: Hair and Makeup Trial

Let's talk about looking your absolute best. Consider scheduling your wedding day hair and makeup trial for the day of your shoot. You want to feel like the most radiant version of yourself, so test-driving your glam beforehand ensures you'll be picture-perfect from every angle on your day. 

Maddie Kaye Photography

Dress to Impress: Setting the Tone

Coordinate your outfits with the colors you envision for your Save the Dates. Whether you're going for soft pastels on the beach or bold hues against a city skyline, your outfits should complement the overall aesthetic you're going for. 

Opt for hues that enhance the timeless elegance of your engagement shoot and set the stage for a truly captivating visual narrative.And, there’s no need to tie your save the dates into your wedding day design. Unless of course you want to! 

Double the Fun: Two Outfit Options

Why settle for one look when you can have two? Pick out two outfit options that make you feel confident and fabulous. And don't forget to think about where you'll change between looks—whether it's a cute café or a secluded spot in the great outdoors, plan ahead so you can switch it up with ease. You may need a pop-up changing tent, which your photographer might have, or you can source one on Amazon.

Danielle Defayette Photography

Weather or Not, Here We Come

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared to embrace the elements with confidence and poise. Come prepared with elegant solutions, such as chic clear umbrellas or cozy wraps, to ensure you remain effortlessly composed amidst the elements.

Location, Location, Location

The right backdrop can infuse your shoot with charm and effortless style. Choose locations that hold special meaning for you as a couple or reflect your personalities. Whether it's the spot where you had your first date, or simply somewhere that takes your breath away. 

If you are worried about weather, consider somewhere inside, like an art gallery, public library, or historic home. Many of these locations do require permits or permission, so ensure your day goes smoothly by researching ahead of time, or asking your photographer for their assistance and recommendations. 

Audra Wrisley Photography

Timing is Everything

Pay attention to sunrise and sunset times for that magical golden hour glow. Planning your shoot around these times ensures you'll get the dreamiest lighting for your photos. Or, embrace the allure of the moonlight  – you may consider shooting after dark. 

Photographers often have preferences on the type of light they prefer. Talk to yours about the style you’re looking for. 

Fortune Smiles on the Prepared (And Punctual)

Don’t be late. Avoid the stress of running late by allowing ample time to navigate traffic, parking, or any potential obstacles with ease and ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Being punctual means you'll have more time to relax, have fun, and create unforgettable memories. 

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Personal Touches: Infusing Meaning with Sophistication

Incorporate personal touches that add depth to your engagement shoot. Whether it's including a beloved horse or dog, cherished heirlooms, or cozying up at your favorite café, let these elements enhance the narrative of your love story with understated elegance.

Hana Gonzalez Photography

Destination Dreaming

Consider turning your engagement shoot into a mini getaway by choosing a destination that's special to you as a couple. From the romantic streets of Paris to the sun-drenched shores of your favorite beach, a destination shoot is the ultimate escape for swoon-worthy photos. 

Audra Wrisley Photography

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